Privacy policy

Dear Sirs, when you are browsing our website and making shopping in our online store, you accept all all principles contained in the Privacy Policy, which You can find on website:

As owner of website, we reserve right to make changes in our Privacy Policy. Person who use our website undertake to respect the current Privacy Policy.

Among all changes, which can happen, we provide that will not affect to basic principle, which reads:

„we do not sell and do not share data and addresses of our customers (users) of website: to third parties"

If you do not accept our Privacy Policy please not to visit website:

Making purchases in AV-LiNK shop

Making shopping in our online store requires registration and give required personal data. The data will be using to issuance sales document and delivery of devices and correspondence.

Unannounced messages

Company reserves the right to send unsolicited messages to persons, whose contact data obtained by user registration in website: The concept of unannounced messages we understand information directly related with storage: They consist of activities such as for example: changes, internal promotions, list of nonprofit (for example: wishes), commercial information and other information directly associated with our activity.


Some part of website: AV-LiNK uses cookies, which are small text files sending to user's computer and identifying it as needed to simplify or cancel the operation.
An example of use cookies is maintaining of user session in service (login), whereby user does not have on every page of Service again enter login and password.