About Company

We are electronic company designing and producing electronic devices for security solutiona and industrial automation.

Video Transmission Systems under the brand name ”AV-LiNK” are designed to wireless transmission of video, audio, telemetry data and control signals.

Effective functioning and a high interference  resistance of our devices are the resluts of  high quality of execition and digital frequency  monitoring.

Our systems are designed to simplify installations and extend CCTV systems in objects where Audio/Video cables can’t be used.
We offer typical solutions based on our own ideas and also prepare project for special order with customer specification.

Our offer includes:

  • 5.8GHz analogue wireless video transmission systems
  • Digital wireless video transmission systems with encrypted function;
  • Wireless video transmission systems for IP cameras;
  • 868MHz wireless telemetry systems for RS-485, RS-232, Bi-Phase, etc;
  • 433Mhz/868MHz wireless remote control;

We are open for ideas and sugestions about new products and we still try to improve existing ones.